Blue Grotto

Famous and renown around the globe, the Blue Grotto offers an extraordinary
experience. The light enters in the cave by a small opening underwater in the rock
and gives the water a marvelous blue color while all the rest of the cave is almost in
complete darkness. The bad thing is that the Grotto is so nice that it attracts crowds of
tourists, and you often have to wait in long queues and then enjoy a visit of only a
few minutes. The visit to the Grotto is made at the cost about 13 Euros on board small
typical boats, rowed by expert sailors, who often indulge in singing local songs. The
strange acoustic inside the Grotto then makes the atmosphere really magic. Despite
being forbidden, to visit the Blue Grotto in a different way, someone even enters by
himself swimming, when row boats are not in service, meaning early in the morning or
late in the afternoon. Even if the Grotto is quite big once you are inside, its entrance is
very small. You have to pay a lot of attention while entering, but the sailors will make
everything very easy. Because of the small entrance, if sea conditions are not perfect,
the visit to the Grotto may be prohibited. Suggested a visit to the special restaurant nearby, called "Add'o Riccio", with very
good fish, and also one star Michelin. (about 45 minutes plus time necessary to visit the Blue Grotto) In addition to privately renting a boat, it is also possible to take part of a group tour
around the island with or without a stop at the Blue Grotto. Tours are organized for
the tourists by the two motorboats companies at the harbour (Laser and Motoscafisti).
The cost for the tour of the island is about 13 Euro per person while the cost for
transport to the Blue Grotto only is about 8 Euro. In both cases, if you choose to enter
the Blue Grotto, it is necessary to purchase an additional entrance ticket of about 10
Euro. With a group tour around the island it is not possible to stop for swimming or to relax,
but you can quickly visit all the grottos and the coastline of the island (on group
boats it is not allowed to leave the boat to visit the White Grotto).